What is a Good Food?

It is not a brand of an industrial product. It is not a tag line either. It is the food we consume daily which has a good effect to our body, to our health.

In this modern era, where we can see and travel around the world easily, we can also taste many different foods from any part of the world. Each region and area they have their own taste. It is related to local customs and local ingredients. Each food is good for its people, which could be harmful to others. Because the local conditions have built each immune system.

American food has different taste with Asian food. Asian food has more taste because of the availability of the ingredients in its nature. It’s been widely known that Chinese food is delicious. Some Chinese foods contain traditional herbs which good for our body.

Good food has not to be delicious, but it will be better if it also has a good taste. In the hand of a good chef, a good food can be a combination of a healthy and delicious food. Sometimes it is not easy to combine those both. What we usually find is either a delicious food but not healthy, or a healthy food but not delicious.

Some people define good food as a portion of natural food. Food that we produce from natural ingredients such as vegetables, fruits, herbs, plants, etc. Food without any chemicals added. Even without meat or any animal products. That’s what vegetarian people eat. They only eat green foods, foods that cooked without animal ingredients, but only vegetables and fruit. Some vegetarians they still eat egg and/or fish. While, for some many other people, they eat almost everything. They eat fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, etc. For them, good food is healthy and affordable food from whatever it made.